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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I acquire a SiteMate??

You can buy, hire or rent many of the models for your site.

What stops someone stealing a SiteMate?

The standard models come with an alarm panel, siren and strobe light and shock sensors as well as tamper sensors. Back to base monitoring or call nominated mobile phone if the unit is attacked.

Can I install a SiteMate

The SiteMate is shipped with mounting brackets and comes in plug and play format. Only low voltage inside the box. An electrician will be required to provide the feed AC power on site.

Is there a solar powered version?

Yes with battery box, adaptors and cables.

How long will it record video ?

Depending on the storage device and frame rate you will get approx one month on an SD card supplied. It then overwrites the data and starts again.

Is the video recording of suitable resolution?

These days we use high res IP CCTV cameras with 1080P or 4K resolution which is adequate for detailed viewing and court cases.

Is there a WI-FI hotspot?

Yes the SiteMate system provides a WI-FI interface on site for playback of video or on site viewing.

What other options can be included?

There are many options available so please look on this web site under ‘options’. These options enhance security and functionality on site and for remote management.

Do I own the unit outright if I purchase?


Can the unit provide back to base monitoring?

Yes and we offer monitoring services.

Will SiteMate operate in extreme conditions?

Yes it has industrial tolerances, temperature management on board and ventilation systems.

Can I hire rather than buy?

Yes several models can be hired for a minimum 3 month period at a weekly rate. (see under pricing)

We are Hiring

We are Hiring

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