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SiteMate Applications

Sitemate SecuritySiteMate Applications

SiteMate systems are ideal for:

  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Construction groups
  • Governments
  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Energy companies
  • Mines
  • Farmers & AGRI Business
  • Industrial uses
  • Military use
  • Retail & Resorts
  • Event management
  • Security industry
  • 1001+ uses

The following are custom versions of SiteMate Systems for particular requirements:

SiteMate CRANE-MATE – for cranes of all sizes
SiteMate School Mate – surveillance for schools
SiteMate Bay Watch Mate – beach surveillance
SiteMate FireWatch Mate – forest and bush surveillance
SiteMate Rubbish Dumping Mate – Local Government
SiteMate Flood Mitigation Mate – monitoring and gate control
SiteMate Water Watch Mate – dam and water resource monitoring
SiteMate Wetland Surveillance Mate – monitoring
SiteMate Water Channel Automation Mate – irrigation
SiteMate Sewer Distribution Mate – monitoring
SiteMate – Mine Sweep Mate – mines surveillance
SiteMate Stock Management Mate – feed / water lots for stock
SiteMate Weather Station interfaces Mate
SiteMate Soil Probe Mate – interfaces
SiteMate desalination monitoring Mate
SiteMate Events Monitoring Mate
SiteMate Stores Mate – industrial stores on site monitoring
SiteMate Gate Mate – Residential Gated Estates Entry Monitoring
SiteMate Drone Mate – drone cams

SiteMate can keep an eye on:

  • Emergency isolation gates
  • Back flow prevention devices
  • Removable stop boards and bulkheads
  • Slide gates, tidal gates and flap / flood gates
  • Permanent and temporary barriers
  • Diversion gates and associated systems
  • Remote or on-site monitoring and control operation
  • and much more . . .

What will SiteMate do for your project?

Your eyes :
Keeps an eye on the site when you’re not there
LIVE viewing online over 3G/4G networks
View on smartphone, IPAD, tablet, PC etc.
Dual SIMM cards option to maximize online reliability
24/7 video recording on NVR with terabytes of storage
Enables Playback of video events online anytime
A time lapse pictures (snapshots) and change intervals online
Delivers images directly to online stakeholders
Keeps you in touch with what is happening on site from anywhere in the world!
Capture snapshots to smart phone or PC database etc.
Options for SiteMate DRONE-CAMS for aerial views
On board security provides anti-theft/vandal protection and site materials protection

Your hands:
Turn on any electrical device like pumps, valves, lighting, Security, Remote Gates, Watering & Feeding, remotely
On-line access to the SiteMate sentinel from anywhere in the world
Provides a wide range of accessories and customization functionality to suit your project
Options for Web controlled relays inputs and outputs
Options for Automation control
Options for Access control
Options for Attendance logging
Options for Weather stations
Options for Soil probe interfaces
Options for Data loggers and the list goes on!
Option for SiteMate KEY-BOX with remote access
Options for complete automation boards

Your ears:
CCTV cameras have microphone capabilities
Security alarm panel has microphone on board
Option for IP Public Address amplifier for on board speaker
Options for VoIP Site Intercom back to office
Talk to site personnel over the speaker/horn
Options for Public alerts/sirens for daily times

SiteMate : Your eyes, ears and hands on site, when you’re not!

SiteMate can be configured for sites that require audio/visual security alerts and back to base monitoring.
Monitoring companies can log in and view cameras to check site status and report or send a patrol.
The spot lights and strobe generally scare people off, and the horn / siren provides audio alerts.
Motion sensors with high range optics pick up movement with three forms of detection to reduce false alarms.
Motion sensor can be positioned on the enclosure or on the same pole.
SMS & email alerts are included. SiteMate is the great mate of site managers.


What else can SiteMate do?

View CCTV on smartphone, IPAD, tablet, PC, IOS or Android platforms
Time lapse pictures (snapshots) and change intervals online
Send snapshots to smart phone or PC database etc.
Provides site security with audio and visual alerts
Reduces theft of materials from site
Turn on any electrical device like pumps, valves, lighting, Security, Remote Gates, Watering & Feeding, remotely
Provides surveillance for remoter areas by using solar power
Delivers images directly to online stakeholders
Keeps you in touch with what is happening on site from anywhere in the world!
Provides a wide range of accessories and customization to suit your project
Provides access & views of confined spaces during power station or energy company shutdowns
Watch Traps & Baiting, Surf life saving beaches, Military posts, confined spaces etc.
Watch Flood mitigation systems, Schools, Fire hazards, Industrial processes and almost anything else!
A multi home builder or multi crop farmer can keep tabs on each project at any time from anywhere.
Office personnel can log in to any SiteMate and receive updates on progress or even remotely manage some aspects of a project
For sites with multiple entry points, SiteMate will provide security, surveillance and communications at each location.
As the foreman/manager/engineer walks around he/she is automatically connected via the WI-FI network
SiteMate can connect to a number of SiteMate I-WATCH PTZ Units for total site CCTV coverage

SiteMate allows you to log in and view real time streaming vision from the remote CCTV camera in great detail from any internet connection around the world.
Monitor any asset and keep an eye on important projects or events without the need to be on location.
It really can be the builder’s, farmer’s, corporation’s or your great mate!