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SiteMate Benefits

Sitemate SecuritySiteMate Benefits


With SiteMate there is a range of options to suit the most demanding site projects. Place one or more SiteMate’s on site and let them keep an eye on site activities while you’re not there, monitor your site from home or head office and have SiteMate provide on site WI-FI HOT SPOT communications to authorised site personnel. On board security/alarm system will deter site materials theft and 24/7 surveillance will allow replay of any on site event as required. SiteMate can also reduce insurance premiums. By taking timed pix each day a comprehensive history of the project can also be recorded in pictorial form.

SiteMate can save builders and construction companies money. With site attendance logging you can match sub contractor bills to system recorded information. Now that’s a real benefit as well. Finger print, swipe/proximity cards and retinal scanning can make a big difference to site accounting. And there’s a host of additional SiteMate options that will speed up project works. Reduce site materials theft with SiteMate. It can keep an eye on materials day and night as well as providing on site security with alarms in the event of unauthorised vehicle or persons movement.

And with a choice of IP 1.3 to 5 megapixel CCTV cameras and IP PTZ cameras you can control the direction of viewing from your armchair, mobile device or PC at any time.

With automation web relays you can control pumps, valves, lighting, sirens, gates and just about anything that runs on electricity on site from your project office, head office or home. And with our man down emergency buttons system additional work place safety is enhanced.

SiteMate has a full state-of-the-art security system option

The system will dial (your mobile number) or SMS or email a nominated contact if site security is violated. It can also report to a monitoring company (back to base) if required. There are also on board visual and audio alarms that are triggered when motion or other programmable events occur. SiteMate also has anti-vandal security on board protecting itself against unauthorized access or removal.

Any attempt to remove SiteMate or tamper with aerials and other components will trigger a security response, audio & visual alarms and video as well as SMS/email to nominated persons or fully backed up monitoring company along with GPS tracking coordinates. Wireless communication services are included. And with 24/7 surveillance fraudulent injury claims may be reduced and OH&S standards enforced more easily.

Solar option if you need it!

The solar power option is only required if you have AC power outage for long periods or you want it to be complete standalone.
But most of the time a construction site will have power or else construction will come to a standstill. So we offer a DUAL POWER version only if required.

Ideal for commercial and residential construction.

Keep an eye on expensive equipment and the site. SiteMate utilises industrial grade 3G/4G wireless mobile data equipment to connect to the internet.
The system is compatible with most Australian wireless broadband service providers.
We provide a DUAL SIM 3G/4G data networks and up to 50KM WI-FI networks.
You can mount SiteMate on to any pole or building.

SiteMate provides a range of communication facilities site-wide. For example internet access, email access, VOIP and much more. Site WI-FI access can be given to selected personnel or all personnel on site. SiteMate provides a public address facility whereby head office (or you at home) can talk to site over the internet and it is broadcast over the SiteMate speaker(S).


You can have several I-WATCH and I-WATCH PTZ units on any site.
They can be connected to a single I-WATCH unit by WI-FI for recording and re-transmission to an NVR or cloud server.
I-WATCH units can also be connected to a single SiteMate PRO which can record all cameras and facilitate live viewing of all cameras
You can also have SiteMate systems on multiple sites and have all recording and live video through one location (office).