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This is a custom version of SiteMate for Cranes of all sizes. It enables Crane drivers to see ground operations at the base of the crane and zoom in and out as required.
Using a special touch screen in the cabin, the crane driver can quickly select any one of a number of CCTV cameras positioned on or around the crane as required and then zoom in for a closer look.

Airports, sea ports, construction sites, industrial sites and warehouses are busy workplaces.
Many heavy-duty tasks must be carried out in confined outdoor and indoor spaces – creating a need for safety, accuracy and reliability.
And a plethora of workers busy below rigging and transporting and conducting many other tasks on site.

Crane drivers are often unable to see what is happening on the ground as height and cabin design impedes visibility.
This is why there are dogmen and riggers on the ground with the riggers guiding crane drivers as required.
Whether it a a tall tower crane or a mobile crane, visibility is always an issue and safety is always important.

The operator in the cabin does not always have optimal visibility of the crane’s hook and the load, Especially in the situations where he must lift the load over large buildings, machines or installations, Fortunately SiteMate CRANE-Mate is offering a solution with eyes in the sky, the cam fitted to the tip of the telescopic boom, is looking straight down-wards on top of hook and the load, on the monitor in the crane cab, the operator receives at all times, clear image of the position of the hook, when necessary he can zoom in on the hook for a more detailed image.
3G / 4G or Wireless Access Point as well as wired scenarios provide flexibility for solutions.

Recommended for Construction, Marine, Industrial and Transportation.
Crane divers, dogmen and riggers!
Enhance safety, secure sites, manage insurance/workplace health and safety, increase productivity and more!

And there are many different types of cranes . . .

Tower cranes
Mobile cranes
Heavy lift cranes
Rough terrain cranes
Offshore cranes
Port cranes
Hydraulic cranes
Marine cranes
Crawler cranes
Gantry cranes


What if a crane driver could have a 360 degree view of the work area from the cabin at any time with the ability to zoom in and out on ground locations.
And what if the same system can keep an eye on the work place/area after hours with line in the sand technology and full video recording 24/7.

CRANE-Mate was first designed for use in construction sites.
Now, you can keep an eye on everything and can cover the blind spots.
Simply, install it wherever you find a blind spot e.g. hook block section on the crane and have a view right there in your cabin.
Fast deploy, quick setup, records 24/7 during or after hours
Day and night CCTV cameras (starlight)
Perimeter security of crane and site
SD card recording or WI-FI to base station or site office. (up to 50KMs)
Send snap shots to nominated server or CLOUD server
Job recording for insurance and project progress
Video Management Software included
Watch on any IP device from anywhere.
Thermal camera options
Alarm panel option with back to base monitoring secures site!\

CRANE-Mate PTZ camera

PTZ cameras – Ultra series – designed for projects with the highest quality and performance requirements.
Zoom in and out, pan and tilt cameras from touch screen in cabin
Advanced sensors – high sensitivity and low noise with back illuminated pixel technology
Automated surveillance – Intelligent auto-tracking PTZ tracks suspicious objects
Powerful protection – IP67 & IK10 rating ensures cameras can withstand tough conditions
Super IR range – Cameras provide up to 550m IR range for performance in dark conditions
Powerful zoom – 30x/40x/45x/48x optical zoom easily covers large areas
PFA – improves focusing to new levels
Supports temperature measurement
Supports fire detection and alarm|
Supports POE+ & POE
Thermalised lens cameras available

SMART Thermal Imaging

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared radiation. Although we can not see it we experience it every day.. Sun and fire are infrared sources we feel through heat. Generally the higher the temp the higher the radiation. Different objects emit different levels of radiation. Video surveillance requires the effective detection and identification of objects. Although visible light cameras provide satisfactory coverage in most monitoring applications, in diverse environments, such as those with harsh conditions or extreme darkness, they are not very effective. Thermal cameras which do not require a light source, are excellent for providing enhanced coverage in these conditions. In addition, thermal cameras have long range detection and temperature measurement capabilities, allowing them to be used in conjunction with visible light cameras to achieve all-weather, comprehensive surveillance. They can even notify workers when objects reach temperatures above limits. Cameras with 100mm lens have the ability to detect humans at distances of over 3kms. Thermal cameras can assist firefighters in quickly finding injured people through heavy smoke and finding fire sources!
Rapid body temperature screening can also monitor health of workers

SMART Perimeter Facility

The perimeter facility system uses infrared technology to form an invisible wall. When the wall is crossed, the system automatically sends an alarm notification to the control center, displaying its position. Thermal cameras provide excellent performance and make monitoring convenient while reducing the number of false alarms.

Dogmen and riggers and management can view any of the crane based cameras at any time to enhance safety and increase productivity.

Welcome to SiteMate CRANE-Mate!!
Eagle eyes in the skies!

A custom designed solution for cranes of any size and type.

and carry case versions . . .

Note: Colour of enclosure is safety orange or safety yellow

  • One or two on board cameras 1 to 5 megapixel
  • Wired or WI-FI and or 3G/4G Modem
  • 12 volt power – wire into crane electrics or stand alone battery
  • Aerials
  • Strong magnets on base
  • Mount on hook, boom or any part of the structure
  • Solar power options
  • View on 7 inch screen in cabin or anywhere in the world
  • Secured via lockable lanyard for fall protection

Using advanced industrial CCTV technology we are able to locate CCTV cameras in strategic positions on and around the crane.
They can be wired or wireless. Using special high powered magnets these cameras can be positioned almost anywhere without affecting crane operations.
Then using WI-FI or wired technology they can be viewed in the crane cabin on a touch screen, laptop or PC.
Distance is no longer an issue with the latest technologies.
The cameras can also be viewed from anywhere in the world at the same time over the internet.
With powerful CCTV pan, tilt and zoom functions and 360 degree views the crane driver can home in on ground locations.

And the system is easily portable to another crane or project location as required providing excellent return on investment

CRANE-Mate with built in security and 24/7 video recording and streaming, can also alert managers to issues on site after hours.
CRANE-Mate can enhance safety, improve productivity and protect assets at the same time.
CRANE-Mate can be mounted on the boom, or any part of the crane structure and even at ground level locations for extra coverage.
CRANE-Mate can be mounted on the hook using magnetic points with full battery pack for extra coverage.

CRANE-Mate will remove blind spots and provide “around the corner” operator views.
It operates with rugged 12VDC lithium ion battery or 12VDC wired power mode, or can be hardwired into the crane’s power system (24VDC models also available).
Riggers can install and remove the CRANE-Mate portable systems in minutes.

Video can be recorded to an integral mobile network digital video recorder or site server or the CLOUD and archived for future reference in the event of mishaps or insurance claims.

Easy magnetic base install anywhere on the crane. Wiring can run along boom and down structure if required.
Wiring (if required) can be run along the boom external using conduits.


With different configuration options we can position a network control box at the crane base and WI-FI to the site office for recording video (on an NVR) or streaming video etc.
Or have each camera connected to the site office via WI-FI or wired solutions.Using a password system anyone can view the cameras day and night.
Now up to 50KM line of sight WI-FI available.
Crane drivers, riggers, dogmen and watch any of the cameras using portable IP devices like mobile phone, tablets and special screens
On the far right in the above diagram we use a CRANE-Mate HOIST MODULE on the block or hook.



Attach to hook and block using special magnets and security lanyard
Battery powered
Have a view down the block from the crane cabin or remote workplace. Zoom in and out at the touch of a screen.
Powerful magnets connect Hoist Module to the block and with full on board battery, modem, wi-fi and more CRANE-Mate can make a real difference for crane drivers.


Your choice of CCTV camera, static or PTZ with WI-FI. Top brands offer great IP resolution.

The Pelican 1120 Case has a unique design incorporates a sophisticated pressure valve that allows for equal air pressure inside that case, but prevents water molecules from entering. The latch system allows for quick and easy access to the contents and a when closed maintains a tight seal. The case itself is very durable and is constructed with a very tough Co-polymer Polypropylene. Its internal space is 18.5 x 12.1 x 8.5 cm. The Pelican 1120 external dimensions are 21.4 x 17.2 x 9.8 cm. The case offers a base depth of 6.5 cm and the lid depth of 1.3 cm. A overall weight of just 0.56 kg (with Foam) makes it the light weight case solution you have been looking for. Different models available. Powerful magnets are built into the outer base.

These unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dust proof, chemical resistant, non-corroding hard cases can be used to safeguard any type of equipment that needs protection in any form of transit and against all the elements.

Pelican Cases are world renowned as being the Gold Standard in moulded protective hard cases. Their construction and design incorporate numerous features that blend into the case as easily as their camouflaged cases blend into the scenery in field applications.  All providing more effective protection than any other similar brand on the planet.

Lanyard provides accidental fall backup.
Powerful aerials provide clear wi-fi to cabin.

Lower block to change batteries or remove for the night.

Note: Colour of enclosure is safety orange or safety yellow

Simple and easy zoom in and out

One or two on board IP digital HD CCTV cameras
1 to 5 megapixel options
Lithium ION Battery pack inside
3G/4G Modem with WI-FI
Strong magnets on base
Mount on hook, boom or any part of the structure
View on 7 inch screen or tablet or PC form anywhere
Secured by lockable lanyard for fall protection

CRANE-Mate HOIST-MODULE is a rapid install wireless camera system that provides an operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site.
It is a rugged camera system that can be installed in seconds on the hook block of a crane to the boom tip or, at the location of the blind lift.
Attached to any surface with magnets and safety lanyard, Crane-Mate-Hoist Cam improves the situational awareness of an operator and manager.

This improves employee productivity and workplace safety.
The system platform provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors.
The system enables centralised monitoring for the job site, other cameras and even drones.
Our installers have industrial tickets and industry tickets and are CCTV specialists.
The special industrial touch screen or laptop can be taken away after hours or remain in the cabin.
The screens can be taken to another crane and simply connected to that cranes’s network.
Management can view the cameras from one crane or all cranes on site from their office (or even a mobile phone).

CRANE-Mate – Eagle Eyes in the Skies


Video Management Software

Smart Professional Surveillance System Software & Digital Mobile Surveillance System combines to address all viewing and video management needs.

Line in the sand actions
auto tracking
perimeter alerts
NVR recording
instant playback recorded video on any IP device
search by date and time for video you need
Live previews
Variety of compression formats
motion detection
camera masking
local alarm
disk alarm
face detection
snap shots, record faster/slower
talk monitoring
audio alarm
missing detection
abandon detection
intrusion detection

and lots more functions an features.


Crane-Mate offers a cloud computing-based video management platform that can connect millions of devices over a single global cloud network.
It supports:

Remote live streaming – monitor anytime anywhere form any IP device
video on demand,
cloud storage – alarm video stored in the cloud so you don’t miss a thing!
cloud based device upgrade – upgrade device firmware remotely
alarm notifications – stay informed on whats happening on site while on the go
security monitoring and secures personal data
video analytics etc.
Global network server
IOS & Android device platforms

allows management to view and monitor projects all over the globe at the same time.

No matter where cranes exist we have a CRANE-Mate solution!


  1. Using the Hoist Module on a crane or any other heavy machinery and equipment not only improves visibility for the operator, but it can greatly improve situational awareness as well, resulting in a reduction in accidents and increased productivity. The Hoist Module increases the visual capabilities of a harbour crane operator by running from the spreader bar or directly in the hull of the vessel.
  2. Oil and offshore drilling rigs can be very dangerous environments.  In addition to explosive gases, many of the tight areas are difficult to view.  Hoist Module eliminates these blind lifts by placing the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the offshore rig. Ignition Protection Rating
  3. Container loaders can be difficult to position, especially when containers are stacked high on top of each other. The Hoist Module eliminates these blind picks by placing the eyes of the operator directly on the spreader bar.
  4. Straddle carriers use Hoist Module around the legs and spreader bar to eliminate the blind lift and allow the operator to verify the area is clear before moving or performing a lift.
  5. Depending upon the model of the Hoist Module, the view for the operator can be placed at the top of the coil lifter looking down.  Another option is placing the Hoist Module at each end of the arms to enable the operator to better align the coil lifter with the coil.
  6.  Often times a grapple crane is used to pick up and relocate scrap.  Placing a camera anywhere near the grapple could damage any camera.  With the Hoist Module the operator’s view can be relocated to virtually any location on the job site that is safe from debris, and allow the operator to see in locations that would otherwise be blind.
  7. Overhead cranes can be located both indoors and outdoors.  The Hoist Module is designed for either environment giving the flexibility of setting the operator’s view either directly on the crane or position strategically on the job site.
  8. Truck cranes are some of the smallest pieces of equipment that Hoist Module supports.  However, even truck crane encounter blind lifts that are difficult to position and require an extra set of eyes to properly position a load. Hoist Module provides these extra set of eyes to increase safety and productivity while being easy to relocate between equipment and job sites.
  9. One of the most difficult operations is digging with an excavator that cannot see.  These blind digs can be dangerous, especially with personnel often located in the same hole as the excavator is digging.  Hoist Module eliminates these blind digs by giving the operator immediate and real-time line of site directly where the bucket is being positioned.
  10. Luffer boom crane is similar to a tower crane when encountering blind lifts.  The hook block and load is often positioned in a location that is difficult to view the load from the operator’s cab.  Hoist Module eliminates these blind and distant lifts and gives the operator direct line-of-sight with positioning and relocating the load safely.
  11. The Hoist Module is versatile enough to be quickly deployed similar to the flexibility of a telescopic boom crane.  Hoist Module can be attached to the hook block, boom tip, or even the job site.  This flexibility allows the operator to set his eyes where he needs them to make better decisions and improve safety for everyone on the job site.


CRANE-Mate provides multiple options as an excavator camera system. Designed to be easy to install, eliminate blind spots, increase safety, and improve productivity for the operator. The excavator camera system can be installed on the side of any hole where the excavator is digging, to allow the operator to see inside of the hole and completely around the excavator. CRANE-Mate can be re positioned as needed in a matter of seconds or be located anywhere else on the construction site. Easy attach super strong magnets make moving form excavator to excavator a breeze!

Using the Hoist Module on a crane or any other heavy machinery and equipment not only improves visibility for the operator, but it can greatly improve situational awareness as well, resulting in a reduction in accidents and increased productivity.



SiteMate Forklift and Truck CCTV systems

Wireless Charging.
Magnet Installation
Wireless Transmission
Prevents accident when loading goods.

SiteMate Forklift Truck Camera System is special designed for Forklift Truck Operators, Although an experienced forklift truck operator can manoeuvre pallets and other packages into every available space, his view of the fork position will also limit how quickly and effectively the driver can work, With our system the operators will be able to work more quickly, safely and efficiently straight away, as they will have a clear view of what they are doing. SiteMate offers complete camera solution for forklift and other loading machine, to help forklift truck reversing and operating, the whole forklift camera system including backup camera ,monitor and cables. Backup forklift camera and monitor can be connected by wireless technology or cables. With our forklift camera solution,forklift driver can see the front and side blind spots and make the load more accurately.