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SiteMate Options

Sitemate SecuritySiteMate Options

A wide range of options are available to further customise your SiteMate solution

World class professional services for manufacturing and installation and support.
ADD on options allow customisation to meet your needs . . .

Additional cameras
Back to base monitoring
Alarm panel with strobe and siren
Access control system
Attendance logging
24/7 recording on NVR
On board automation system
GPS tracking
On site audio
Soil probe interface
Weather station interface
Intercom on site
Video management Software
Digital Platform software
Network video recorders
Crowd Counting
Line in the sand settings

and much more!



There is a wide choice of CCTV cameras available on all models.

IP cameras
Long distance cameras
Smart Thermal imaging cameras
Network cameras
WI-FI cameras
Static lens cameras
Variable lens cameras
Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras (360 degree views)
Perimeter control cameras
License plate specialised cameras
Specialised crane cameras
Vehicle surveillance cameras
WI-FI cameras
Wired cameras
Fork lift and Truck cameras
Crane cameras